“City of Black Fridays” by Mischief Brew (2015)

Quite possibly one of my favorite music videos I’ve shot so far. Mischief Brew has for a long time been one of my favorite bands. A few weeks before we shot this, I was talking to Erik and offered to do a music video for them should they ever want to do one. The timing was perfect as they were looking for somebody to film a more relaxed style video of them going to a baseball game. I produce video content for Minor League Baseball teams, so it was the perfect fit!

The idea for Santa running around Philly came from an Eagles game in 1968. A guy that was dressed as Santa was famously pelted with snowballs and booed during the halftime show. This is something that ended up being built up and hyperbolized into Philly fans throwing rocks at Santa and beating him up. It game Philadelphia sports fans a reputation as being trashy fans.