Cory:Alright, so what do we win, Mr. Feeny?
Feeny:You’ve won a turkey..
[expressions of distaste as Feeny hands them a frozen turkey]
Feeny:..and a box of stuffing.
Cory & Shawn:Ooh!!
Cory:Uh, Shawn, you can have the turkey. I’ll take stuffing.
Shawn:But I want stuffing.
Cory:Well of course you want stuffing, everyone wants stuffing, stuffing’s the best part.
Shawn:I’ll flip you for it.
Cory:I don’t want to lose.
Shawn:You might win.
Cory:But you see, if I lose, I don’t get stuffing.
Shawn:There must be a way for both of us to have stuffing.
Cory:There isn’t!
Shawn:There must be!
Cory:Impossible! There’s stuffing, you either have it or you don’t.
Shawn:Unless.. we get more stuffing!
Cory:No, I’d want that too.

Jak Kerley