I hate David Bowie. I hate the idea that the people who make music are this separate breed. I think that’s awful. The reason I think it’s awful is that it devalues the music, because… who cares? ‘I am from Mars…’ Well then I’m not interested. Fuck off. You know, to me, the point of music is its transcendance, its connection between people. Not even just music - Art is, at its best, just people having conversations about the human condition. And if one of the people in the conversation makes it clear to everyone else that they’re on a higher plane, then it’s not really a conversation, you know? It’s a monologue rather than a dialogue, and just to me that’s boring. Obviously there are things within the paradigm of rock’n’roll or pop music or whatever that tend towards the monologue or whatever. I see that, and that’s how it is, but there are many, many things that one can do to temper that, and I try to do them.
— Frank Turner, from this article   (via valderie)
Jak Kerley