Let's enjoy tonight.

Tonight was so wicked. The highlight of not only tonight, but my entire time in Savannah, was seeing Spencer’s roommate’s surf-punk band Triathalon. During the first song I turned to Pat and said, “If no one starts a mosh pit, I’m gonna be disappointed.” Of course one started during the next song. Well, kinda. As much of a mosh pit there can be in a tiny living room. I know I’m an optimist and consider myself happy almost all of the time, but I really haven’t blatantly smiled so much in such a long time. I don’t know what it is, but being in an environment like that just allows me to feel so great. I just zone in on the music and the people around me, and have a great time. It’s different than when I’m at a party and people are blasting dubstep and shitty-ass hip-hop. Words will never be able to do this feeling justice.

Jak Kerley