New Music Video: "LPs" by Jeffrew Lewis & The Voltage

Incredibly thankful for the opportunity from Jeff Lewis to make a music video from his new album. There’s also some celebrity cameos in it!

From Jeffrey Lewis: “This video was filmed in NYC by Jak Kerley in February 2019, along with one other music video which will be coming soon! Ironically, of course, it happened to be the coldest, most freezing day of the entire winter when we had to film many of the outdoor scenes, like the Jeffrey/Mem/garbage-dumpster stuff. At least it was sunny. I really do have this feeling that CDs are about to come into style! In this song, my usual method is playing my usual acoustic guitar, and stomping on a distortion pedal at various times for that loud dynamic. This whole style was something that I learned from Mike Rechner, who I first became obsessed with 1998-1999. I had never seen somebody do that before, the acoustic guitar playing just a couple chords, with the distortion pedal brutally punctuating certain sections for maximum dramatic impact. It became a cornerstone of my idea of what a song is, and I use Mike’s style all the time, like in this LPs song. “So I started getting - (POW!) LPs, they only cost a little and these (POW!) - LPs, were all the ones I needed…”

Jak Kerley