One of the things I love about playing that song and I say this before I play it – is that it calls the more scenester people up on their shit. Because the super-scenester punk kids all want to pretend that they just woke up one morning and bought a Crass record or a Black Flag record and it’s like bullshit man – you got into punk because of Green Day or NOFX or Blink 182. And I don’t understand why people want to try to hide that fact. I remember playing it at this house show I did somewhere in California, which was full of all these super-hipster bike type punks and I went into that song and everyone knew all the fucking words! I was like “yeah not so bomb the music industry these days are we?
— Frank Turner, on covering “Dammit” by Blink 182 (via scientistrock)
Jak Kerley