“Squatter Envy” by Mischief Brew (2016)

One of my favorite bands of all time, our schedules happened to line up perfectly where we were able to spend an afternoon shooting this video. The inspiration behind it came from a combination of Violent Soho’s music video for Covered in Chrome, where the singer walks around the house performing the song in one continuous take, and the music video for Green Day’s Redundant, where the band plays with a bunch of random stuff going on in the background.

I’d been dying to do a continuous take music video for a long time. I’ve never used to many lights before, I think there was like 9 or 10 all over the place. Most of them I bought from Lowes then returned the next day. Overall this took us like 5-6 complete takes, and about two of them only making it halfway through. Most people weren’t given a specific direction on what to do, and just improvised something on the spot. Erik and I had no idea what to expect every corner we turned.