The reason I want everybody to sing along isn’t because I’m trying to massage my own ego, although it does also do that. It’s also because if every single person in the room, and I do mean every single person, in the balconies, at the bars, wherever the fuck you might be… If you all sing along then what we’re doing here tonight ceases to be about a group of guys with snazzy white shirts, a raised piece of flooring, backstage passes and a fucking ego problem shouting at you for an hour and a half. And instead becomes about a group of people in a room who are equals, together, who are making a sound together. We’re doing something interesting, something transcendent that takes us out of the mundane bullshit that we all put up with all day, every fucking day for the rest of our lives and thats what music is all a-fucking-bout. Are you with me?
— Frank Turner, in the middle of Photosynthesis (via valderie)
Jak Kerley