They say that misery
Is the greatest inspiration
They say that being happy
Just makes you dumb
They say you’re boring when
When you’ve got a lover
I think they just don’t know
How good it feels to be in love

Let someone else write
The songs that make you cry
Let someone else write
All the really moving lines
Let someone else be
The ones they call amazing
And I’ll be happy here
Happy right by your side

Because all I know
Is how I feel when I’m around you
I could take the whole world on if I had to
You inspire me in ways
No one will ever know
And it breaks my heart
Every single minute I’m alone.

But now I think I know
What they were talking about
But I still refuse to believe it
No I don’t want to have to write the song
Oh no it can’t be me
But I’d have to agree that
Misery sure makes you
Want to play guitar and sing

Pour your heart out
On six strings
Write words that are
Oh so embarassing
Spill your guts
To anybody that’ll listen
Oh now I know what I’ve been missing

— Ghost Mice - I’ll be Happy