Via Text” (2012)

So it begins. I’m gonna start using this Tumblr page as my main website instead of the old I’ll post videos to here when I release them, in addition to the Facebook page, as a method to get more eyes on them. I also want to use this page as a way for people who want more information on Shibby Pictures to get it. I feel like this site will be a lot more intuitive to explore, as well as having a cheaper maintenance cost.

I’m going to be posting most of my videos, in order of oldest first. This video is one of my first videos I produced for my film classes at Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD.) It still remains one of my finest-lit projects. More for a lack of using lights, but I’ve been using them a bit more recently, since I got kinda tired of making things that look like shit, pretty much.

The concept came about from when I got dumped via a text message a few weeks before this. It bummed me out, so I ate some animal crackers. Some appropriate content considering today is Valentine’s Day!