“Anger Issues” by The Gumps (2017)

You may recognize this house from the Squatter Envy video we did for Mischief Brew. This is my favorite Gumps song, and I was so pleased when they told me they were coming through Asheville while on the road, giving me an opportunity to do a music video for it.

In this video I tried to incorporate a few techniques I don’t use too heavily in my videos, those being time-lapse, super slow motion, and the sped up zoom-in shots which were actually zoom-out shots in reverse. The shot zooming in on Pat’s face is my favorite shot in the music video, with the shot of Matt getting hit by the pillow a close 2nd. The time-lapse involved Matt, Tucker, and Valore running around my living room making a mess for 45 minutes while the camera took a photo every few seconds.

We’re still waiting to find out if we won Best Savannah Music Video for our last video, Dead Song. Voting for that ended yesterday, so either way, we’ll be pushing for this one to win next year!