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New Crazy & The Brains Video!

“Hot Sauce” by Crazy and The Brains (2019)

The 2nd video filmed with Crazy and the Brains in Winter 2019. Originally we were talking about doing a video album for their album “Into The Ugly.” We had an entire outline and shooting schedule, but weren’t able to make it work the way we wanted to. Still interesting in making some video, we filmed this…

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First new CATB video!

“Hustlin’“ by Crazy & the Brains (2019)

I make no secret about it, that Crazy and the Brains are one of my favorite bands. They put in an incredible performance, with a unique sound, and smooth n catchy lyrics. Seeing Chris flip a switch between his everyday persona and his on-stage persona is unlike anything else I’ve seen; Make sure ya don’t miss them if they come to your town…

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New short film: Sad Will Will

Sad Will Will (2019)

Not really one for “sequels” but I guess that’s what I have to call this. Will and I had so much fun with the Sad Will character we had to revisit him when I went to hang out in Panama. Shot in the remote village of Kalu Yala, our hero Sad Will finds himself placed in completely new surroundings, yet unable to shake his feelings of sad.

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Session w/ Alyssa Kai from Ramshackle Glory

Here’s a live video of Alyssa Kai (Ramshackle Glory, Cutting Room Floor, Loone, Paper Bee) performing an original song of her’s for the documentary Baseball Punx. It went unused in the editing process but I still wanted to get this out for people to see…

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Baseball Punx turns 1

1 year ago I released Baseball Punx. It took two years to make, from writing to completion. A lot has changed since it came out, and I feel differently about a lot of things said in it. But I’m still very proud of myself for being able to successfully explain some of the things I feel about baseball in this context, because my love for baseball is a weird and complex thing….

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