cw- suicide

I really don’t talk about it too much, but I want to share a sort of artist statement with y’all, on why I do Shibby Pictures. Just a peek into what my motivation is, to shed some light on why I do what I do. I usually just prefer to let the movies speak on their own, but would hate for my motivation to be lost on anyone.

To be completely clear, the number one motivation of my filmmaking is to help people feel less alone, and to stop people from wanting to commit suicide.

Everyone has their own reason for watching movies. I watch movies to feel less alone. It’s nice to be able to watch something you can relate to; to see people struggling with feelings you also struggle with. I’ve always felt the need to express myself through this specific medium… for some reason. I consider myself very lucky to have this drive that makes me want to create stuff. I feel like as much as I take from this medium, to make myself feel better, I want to give back as much as possible, in the form of videos that provide people something they can take from, and use in their lives to feel better about themselves.