“No One Hits Me Up Anymore” by Walter Etc. (2017)

After about 3 years of wanting to do a music video for one of my favorite bands of all time, the starts finally aligned just right to let this happen! After talking with Dustin and deciding on a song, he pitched me the concept for this video of him being along in his room, hallucinating the band in his fish tank, and generally being a nutcase.

The idea of being stuck in the room led me to using the video for Green Day’s “Longview” as a reference. The feathers and stabbing of a pillow were a low-key shout out to that video as inspiration. The color palette of soft blue and yellow, as well as a soft white vignette added to the dreamy feeling of the music video, a concept that meshes really well with the overall theme of the band. This band is perfect, Dustin is one of my favorite songwriters of all time, and if they aren’t bigger than the Beatles soon I will be very disappointed in the whole planet.