“Trying It At Home” (2014)

When I posted this documentary I made and Days N Daze’s “Misanthropic Drunken Lone” in the same week, I thought every video I posted from now on was gonna get 10,000 hits. This is another video that people are usually quick to identify me by. And I always tell them, if I had known so many people were gonna watch this documentary, I’d have made it a lot better! I really don’t have any reason behind why I was making this documentary, one day I just started filming shows, then I did some interviews, then I said, well, I might as well make a documentary!

The reception I got to this was overwhelmingly positive, except for the douches who thought you should be allowed to be misogynistic and homophobic, but screw those people anyways. One person even said that it saved their life. One day I intend to go back and re-make this film. Have it look a lot prettier and touch on the subjects I want a lot firmer. Until then, you can watch it here!

Update (8/23/17): I think it’s important to mention that Chris Clavin is in this documentary. This was filmed several years before the accusations against him surfaced. As you watch this, you should bear these accusations in mind. Demand accountability, support the victims, do not perpetuate rape culture. (https://imgur.com/D8IBhW0,f25kJsE | https://imgur.com/a/11Bzz)