“Misanthropic Drunken Loner” by Days n Daze (2014)

The starchild video! When Days n Daze came through Savannah two years ago, we decided super last minute to to make a music video. We weren’t sure where to film it, so we call climbed up on my friends roof. We didn’t have any sort of concept or anything, I just filmed us messing around.

Almost two years later, this video has over 600,000 views, now averaging more than 1,500 views a day! Even back when I posted it, THIS was the video of mine that started getting recognition. I was “the guy who filmed Days n Daze on the roof!” Now I always knew that this would get a ton of views because DND has been getting more and more popular, plus this is a really good song, but I still never anticipated it getting this many hits.This was the 1st of 4 (so far) music videos I’ve done with these homes.

I get so many comments and messages about people loving the music video, which, in my eyes, isn’t even my best work. I guess there’s something in the lack of effort and production value that make it come across as that much more sincere.