“Life n Stuff” (2013)

Ah, Life n Stuff. This was my 3rd feature length film in 3 years, an accomplishment I am as proud of as being an Eagle Scout or traveling to 49 states. This was the first movie I shot with a completed script. We still improvised on top of that though. The script was essentially just an outline for how long each scene could be. How this came out to be the perfect length, I have no idea, but it worked.

Keeping everything in the same universe, Mat plays his same character from Longview. Emily was the first time I ever sought out someone that is an actually actor, and not just a friend I knew could talk well. The night I met Taylor I knew I wanted to put him in a movie. I did know that after this I’d be taking a break from feature-lengths for a while, simply because it’s easier to get people to watch something that’s short instead of something that’s long. I did however, come close to doing another feature during Fall/Winter 2014, however that didn’t come together as quickly as it needed to.

It still racks up a few view on YouTube, and every now and then I’ll get a comment or Facebook message from someone saying how much they loved it, which is as surprising as it is awesome.