”Savannah’s Own” (2013)

This film was my Directing the Narrative project my senior year at SCAD. I’d always wanted to make a baseball movie, and figured making one for class would be a good reason to drop money on it.The Savannah Sand Gnats were kind enough to let us borrow some cleats and baseball pants, while I bought a bunch of new hats, as well as some jerseys on eBay. Not to mention a crap ton of gum and sunflower seeds. It was truly a blast to film. Everyone would be playing baseball at Grayson Stadium inbetween shots.

The only thing that bothers me, and probably no one else, is that we didn’t line the field. So there’s no batters box or foul lines when you see the wide shot of everyone running onto the field. The dialogue came out great though. I had two people drop out last minute, we were able to find awesome replacements in Joe and Richard. The next baseball movie I made will definitely have these uniforms in them too.