“Longview” (2012)

Longview was the product of everything I’d learned about filmmaking up to this point. Well… I guess that’s true for every movie I do because I seek to make each movie better than the last. I aimed to make a more structured version of Vital Signs. I was always really into day-in-the-live movies, so I made one about my good friend Spencer. There was an arch, good acting, creative shots.

Also, a little known fact about all of my movies, is that when I re-use the same actors, I always have them playing the same version of themselves from my other movies. I think it’s fun to keep everything in the same universe. It helps me keep a consistent backstory. It’s also a lot of fun for me to have call-backs to previous films, even if I’m the only one that notices them. So in this movie, Spencer was playing the same character he was in Vital Signs.